Korean Culture: Alcohol, the social pastime

May 31, 2010 at 12:25 pm (Me and the world)

Well, the other day I was out for a family dinner with some other relatives including my cousins. And well, my cousins and I sat at a separate table from my parents so they were just talking freely without any burden of trying to show manner since they were all close. The first thing they talked about: Alcohol. They questioned each other if they have been drinking a lot these days and most of them answered by saying that they drank yesterday. But the really interesting thing was that one was saying that he drank too much and shouldn’t drink today, but he ended up drinking again because it’s part of Korea’s culture.

I find it quite interesting how drinking the Korean 술(sool, a famous alcohol beverage in Korea) can bring people together and make people not so close seem as close as butter and bread. Koreans often times go on dinners with the company when they go out and almost all the time, they go and drink. To make friends in the Korean it seems as though you must be able to drink to some extent. The only problem I see in this is that the drinking culture has been past down to the kids. Kids often act older and somehow get the alcohol and go drinking under age. But when kids drink it’s more of something that is cool to fit in. However, as adults it’s also considered rude to say no when someone older than you hands you a drink and you decline. The Korean culture is very much different from the American as you can see here.


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Lakers vs. Celtics

May 30, 2010 at 8:37 am (NBA)

With some Kobe Bryant heroics and a very close call, the Lakers closed out the series against the Phoenix Suns in game six. The final score was 111-103. The game seemed like it was over as the Lakers were up by 18 at the end of three, but with some not so smart plays and defensive lapses by the Lakers, the Lakers were only up by five with six minutes to play. The rally by the Suns all started out when Dragic made a shot. Sasha Vujacic then hit Dragic to get called for a flagrant one and caused the once quiet crowd to wake up. Dragic made a six point play in one possession and made the game a lot more interesting. However, with what was at stake Kobe decided to take over. He made huge buckets for the Lakers including ridiculous fade-aways that only Kobe can make. And now we go on to play the Boston Celtics who won yesterday in their game six against the Orlando Magic and knocked them out of the playoffs.


This series, will be in fact a great series. I don’t believe that the regular season games preview anything of what this series will be like. This will in fact probably be the most intense series that I will ever see. However, if the Lakers can just stop Rondo from getting to the paint, this series will be ours easy. With Ron Artest playing better now (after seeing game six) it seems as though he’ll be a threat in this series too and can make it harder for the Celtics defense. Ron will probably be able to slow Pierce down even though he probably will flop as many times as possible to look like he was fouled. Another very questionable thing that will be key in the series will be if the Lakers can break down the Celtics defense and play with the same intensity as them. Anyways, I predict that this series will go to seven and the Lakers will be able to come out on top at home. Why? Because Kobe wants his revenge and so do all the other Lakers from the 2008 heartbreaking loss.

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May 29, 2010 at 7:56 am (Me and the world)


I’ve seen this for the first time not long ago, but apparently this has been started since January 2006. This man in the picture has apparently been in people’s dreams. However, the number of people who’ve seen that man in dreams isn’t just a few, but actually many. People all over the world have seen and chosen this man to be the man in their dreams all over the world. Quite scary.

In most of the people’s dreams he tended to be a good and loving person. However, I don’t really believe in all this hype. I’ve never seen this man in any of my dreams and will probably never will. The only reason I believe that so many people believe that they’ve seen that man in their dreams is because most of the times you think you see things, but actually don’t. Dreams tend to be blurs of certain people you know or rarely people you don’t. And some will probably fall under the dream imagination theory where the people are already exposed to this picture and so they think of him and cause the appearance of him in their dreams. This is what I think, but what do you? Check out the site it gives legitimate theories for you to think about.

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NBA Conference Finals

May 26, 2010 at 2:06 am (NBA)


In the National Basketball Association, it’s time for the playoffs. And I personally, am a Lakers fan. It’s been a while now since it’s started and are already at the Conference Finals. In the west, it’s the Phoenix Suns vs. the Los Angeles. The series score is 2-1 Lakers. In the east, it’s the Boston Celtics vs. the Orlando Magic. Boston is pretty much set for the Finals as they are up 3-0. Orlando disappointed many as they failed to show up in the crucial game three or in any of the games. My Lakers are a strong favorite to play the Celtics in the finals, but Suns have shown that they won’t give up winning game 3. I don’t believe we played our best and best defense. We play the Suns again in game 4 real soon and hope to see better defense and go up 3-1 in the series and end it in five. The Celtics and Magic series turned out to be a huge bust as the Celtics just destroyed the Magic’s will to play. They were lucky to get a win and I would wish for the Magic to at least extend the series to 6. But either way, the Lakers will win the finals… GO LAKERS!

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2012 is coming

April 8, 2010 at 1:51 pm (Global Issues, Me and the world)


The Mayan calendar ends December 21st of 2012. What is believed to come with the end of the calendar? The end of the world. Especially with all the current natural disasters, it seems as though the fact that the end of the world is closing in on us is emphasized. These earthquakes may just all be our fault, but I think its quite scary. How all the apocalypse movies came out at once and soon after that Haiti gets hit with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. When I heard about Haiti, I only thought that it was just a coincidence and these things happen once in a while you know, but soon after, South America gets hit and many more places with earthquakes with magnitudes of seven or higher. The most recent one was probably the one that hit near the California-Mexican border. Amazingly, this got me thinking. Normally I technically don’t believe in such radical theories and myths, but I actually look forward to this one. Not the idea that I will die, but if it really happens or not. Pretty childish of me, I must say. But I wish that I knew if it were true so I could just play for the last two and half years of my life living to my fullest and happiest.


This theory/hypothesis/belief/myth is very improbable, but I still am waiting to see what happens that day. This thought is so radical that I find it interesting and would see the battle and the end of science vs. belief in one day. All these questions and panic ends on this date of December 12, 2012.

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Hank Johnson

April 7, 2010 at 1:02 pm (Global Issues)

Hank Johnson… The American congressman that made a fool of America.  Hank Johnson was in a conference to debate whether or not they should move the US military in Japan and move the base to Guam (American territory). And apparently Hank Johnson wasn’t for this idea. The reason: he thought Guam was going to be too overpopulated so it would capsize. Do you find anything wrong with this thought? Because I do. This video didn’t go viral for no reason. This congressman made a fool of not only himself, but America as well. People replied, “these are the people watching over our country…” and other very negative comments showing embarrassment. Some Americans believe it is a disgrace and made a bad view of America at a global stance and I sort of agree. I believe that he should be fired because he is known for his infamous and not so intelligent thoughts. This wasn’t even an April Fools Day joke as you can see as he uses hand motions to help explain his thought. Quite funny. I’m sorry, but I was laughing while watching this because this isn’t the first time America didn’t look very smart. Watch it for yourself! And laugh or hide in shame.

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Butler falls…Duke wins it all

April 6, 2010 at 1:55 pm (NCAA tourney)

After Kentucky’s fall to West Virginia University, I started to cheer for none other than the underdogs, Butler. Butler was probably the story of the tourney as they are an unknown school in their division. However, they were able to pass through huge and tough  obstacles such as: UTEP, Murray State, Syracuse, Kansas State, and finally Michigan State to get to the championship game. No one was expecting them to get passed Syracuse and somehow got the upset. Then they had to play the number two seed Kansas State. Another battle of David vs. Goliath battle, but somehow, squeezed out the victory to get into the Final Four. Then with some staggering defense they got passed Michigan State to play DUKE in the finals.

I think this was supposed to be Butler’s game. I mean with a great year a great run, all the signs pointed toward Butler’s victory and it was so close. Very close.Hayward’s fade, Hayward’s half court shot, 61-59- all so close. I thought at least one of the two shots that Hayward shot would go in. But they didn’t and allowed Duke to win the championship. Even with the loss, Butler’s run was memorable and should be noted. I also think that this year’s finals match up was quite unexpected as well. The number of people that put Duke in the finals and let alone win it all is probably only Duke fans. Making this year’s tourney very fun to watch even though my team (Kentucky) lost. I’m looking forward to the NBA playoffs now and next years season for NCAA ball.

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Kentucky falls…

March 28, 2010 at 2:42 am (NCAA tourney)

Darius Miller, Daniel Orton, John Wall, and DeMarcus Cousins watching their time expire

Probably Kentucky’s worst performance that I’ve witnessed as West Virginia University (WVU) trampled over us. WVU was red hot from the start as they were able to take a lead 28-26 at the half without hitting a SINGLE 2 point field goal. By that point I was thinking its okay they’ll stop hitting them sometime soon and then that’s when Kentucky will just start to take over, but I was unfortunately wrong….It was frustrating…. just to watch. They were getting easy layups, hitting ridiculous three pointers, and just having their way with us. Kentucky couldn’t make a three for their life going 4-32 and hitting the last 4 threes with 2 minutes to play. They were turning the ball over and couldn’t hit free throws as they were 16-29 from the line which is 55%. WVU was 10-23 from three point range, which is 44% from behind the arc. When they are normally a 30% shooting team. It was just so bad…..The deficit went up to 10 and stayed there for the majority of the second half. Kentucky finally decided to wake up after going down to a low of 14…but this was with only two minutes and thirty seconds left to play. They tried to make a run for it and was probably their best minutes of the half, but was too late.

The man that really won the game for WVU was Mazulla. He just “owned” us. I really despise that man. Whenever we tried to make a run he’d break it by driving down the lane. Kentucky’s Defense was really bad today, but he was the only player to actually drive on us. The deficit went down to five, but he just ran down and Kentucky’s poor transition defense allowed him to get a free layup… This game was ugly to watch as a Kentucky fan.

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University of Kentucky

March 26, 2010 at 3:04 pm (NCAA tourney)


MARCH MADNESS! Kentucky just made it easily into the elite eight by pounding East Tennessee, Wake, and most recently Cornell. The first two were just utter domination by UK (University of Kentucky) winning by thirty in both games. The game verse Cornell was more difficult of course as they are the most high ranked team they’ve played in the tournament as they still were easily able to win 62-45 behind Cousins’ 16 points. They were down 10-2 early scaring me and all other Kentucky fans, but they ended the half on a 30-6 run, which basically ended the game. Now UK goes on to play WVU (West Virginia University.) This will be a tough match-up because they’re the number two seed while Kentucky is number one, but I trust in Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, Miller, and Patterson to lead them to a victory and (I believe) play Duke. This match-up will also be the only rank one versus rank two in the elite eight making it the game of this round. Then after that, Duke will be another hard match-up…but we can do it! Our defense is what has been allowing us to dominate other teams and believe that no matter how hard the match-up they can win. I picked Kentucky to win and they do look the best in the tournament so far. I also have Wall as the number one draft pick for the NBA this offseason. So Wall better not fail me. Go Wildcats! UK! My prediction: Kentucky 62 WVU 54


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Global Warming…really?

March 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm (Global Issues, Me and the world)

The world’s coming to an end! The temperatures are getting warmer and warmer everyday! Due to carbon emissions that we are emitting. We need to stop our carbon emissions and stop ruining our ozone layer… Or we might die!

Well, I don’t think so.. I do agree that the temperatures are rising year by year, but question that the cause of the rising temperatures is due to the carbon emissions. I do believe that carbon emissions are bad for the environment and need to be stopped, but I don’t think global warming should be one of the reasons to change (technology). I have reason to believe this because the fact that there is no correlation in history of carbon emissions to the temperature. However there is a correlation between temperature and sun spots. I’m not really sure if the sun spots is the correct alternative to the cause of global warming, but sounds more reliable than carbon. Or it might just be the way that I think, but this idea and thought is continually growing and getting the attention of more and more people. The video is quite interesting and explains why this theory is potentially correct. The reason I may believe in this is because I just don’t like following other people’s ideas at times like this one.

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