Global Warming…really?

March 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm (Global Issues, Me and the world)

The world’s coming to an end! The temperatures are getting warmer and warmer everyday! Due to carbon emissions that we are emitting. We need to stop our carbon emissions and stop ruining our ozone layer… Or we might die!

Well, I don’t think so.. I do agree that the temperatures are rising year by year, but question that the cause of the rising temperatures is due to the carbon emissions. I do believe that carbon emissions are bad for the environment and need to be stopped, but I don’t think global warming should be one of the reasons to change (technology). I have reason to believe this because the fact that there is no correlation in history of carbon emissions to the temperature. However there is a correlation between temperature and sun spots. I’m not really sure if the sun spots is the correct alternative to the cause of global warming, but sounds more reliable than carbon. Or it might just be the way that I think, but this idea and thought is continually growing and getting the attention of more and more people. The video is quite interesting and explains why this theory is potentially correct. The reason I may believe in this is because I just don’t like following other people’s ideas at times like this one.


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