University of Kentucky

March 26, 2010 at 3:04 pm (NCAA tourney)

MARCH MADNESS! Kentucky just made it easily into the elite eight by pounding East Tennessee, Wake, and most recently Cornell. The first two were just utter domination by UK (University of Kentucky) winning by thirty in both games. The game verse Cornell was more difficult of course as they are the most high ranked team they’ve played in the tournament as they still were easily able to win 62-45 behind Cousins’ 16 points. They were down 10-2 early scaring me and all other Kentucky fans, but they ended the half on a 30-6 run, which basically ended the game. Now UK goes on to play WVU (West Virginia University.) This will be a tough match-up because they’re the number two seed while Kentucky is number one, but I trust in Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, Miller, and Patterson to lead them to a victory and (I believe) play Duke. This match-up will also be the only rank one versus rank two in the elite eight making it the game of this round. Then after that, Duke will be another hard match-up…but we can do it! Our defense is what has been allowing us to dominate other teams and believe that no matter how hard the match-up they can win. I picked Kentucky to win and they do look the best in the tournament so far. I also have Wall as the number one draft pick for the NBA this offseason. So Wall better not fail me. Go Wildcats! UK! My prediction: Kentucky 62 WVU 54


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