Kentucky falls…

March 28, 2010 at 2:42 am (NCAA tourney)

Darius Miller, Daniel Orton, John Wall, and DeMarcus Cousins watching their time expire

Probably Kentucky’s worst performance that I’ve witnessed as West Virginia University (WVU) trampled over us. WVU was red hot from the start as they were able to take a lead 28-26 at the half without hitting a SINGLE 2 point field goal. By that point I was thinking its okay they’ll stop hitting them sometime soon and then that’s when Kentucky will just start to take over, but I was unfortunately wrong….It was frustrating…. just to watch. They were getting easy layups, hitting ridiculous three pointers, and just having their way with us. Kentucky couldn’t make a three for their life going 4-32 and hitting the last 4 threes with 2 minutes to play. They were turning the ball over and couldn’t hit free throws as they were 16-29 from the line which is 55%. WVU was 10-23 from three point range, which is 44% from behind the arc. When they are normally a 30% shooting team. It was just so bad…..The deficit went up to 10 and stayed there for the majority of the second half. Kentucky finally decided to wake up after going down to a low of 14…but this was with only two minutes and thirty seconds left to play. They tried to make a run for it and was probably their best minutes of the half, but was too late.

The man that really won the game for WVU was Mazulla. He just “owned” us. I really despise that man. Whenever we tried to make a run he’d break it by driving down the lane. Kentucky’s Defense was really bad today, but he was the only player to actually drive on us. The deficit went down to five, but he just ran down and Kentucky’s poor transition defense allowed him to get a free layup… This game was ugly to watch as a Kentucky fan.


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  1. Dongmyung Lee said,

    I like how you discussed your own opinions about Kentucky
    good job!!:]

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