Butler falls…Duke wins it all

April 6, 2010 at 1:55 pm (NCAA tourney)

After Kentucky’s fall to West Virginia University, I started to cheer for none other than the underdogs, Butler. Butler was probably the story of the tourney as they are an unknown school in their division. However, they were able to pass through huge and tough  obstacles such as: UTEP, Murray State, Syracuse, Kansas State, and finally Michigan State to get to the championship game. No one was expecting them to get passed Syracuse and somehow got the upset. Then they had to play the number two seed Kansas State. Another battle of David vs. Goliath battle, but somehow, squeezed out the victory to get into the Final Four. Then with some staggering defense they got passed Michigan State to play DUKE in the finals.

I think this was supposed to be Butler’s game. I mean with a great year a great run, all the signs pointed toward Butler’s victory and it was so close. Very close.Hayward’s fade, Hayward’s half court shot, 61-59- all so close. I thought at least one of the two shots that Hayward shot would go in. But they didn’t and allowed Duke to win the championship. Even with the loss, Butler’s run was memorable and should be noted. I also think that this year’s finals match up was quite unexpected as well. The number of people that put Duke in the finals and let alone win it all is probably only Duke fans. Making this year’s tourney very fun to watch even though my team (Kentucky) lost. I’m looking forward to the NBA playoffs now and next years season for NCAA ball.


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