2012 is coming

April 8, 2010 at 1:51 pm (Global Issues, Me and the world)


The Mayan calendar ends December 21st of 2012. What is believed to come with the end of the calendar? The end of the world. Especially with all the current natural disasters, it seems as though the fact that the end of the world is closing in on us is emphasized. These earthquakes may just all be our fault, but I think its quite scary. How all the apocalypse movies came out at once and soon after that Haiti gets hit with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. When I heard about Haiti, I only thought that it was just a coincidence and these things happen once in a while you know, but soon after, South America gets hit and many more places with earthquakes with magnitudes of seven or higher. The most recent one was probably the one that hit near the California-Mexican border. Amazingly, this got me thinking. Normally I technically don’t believe in such radical theories and myths, but I actually look forward to this one. Not the idea that I will die, but if it really happens or not. Pretty childish of me, I must say. But I wish that I knew if it were true so I could just play for the last two and half years of my life living to my fullest and happiest.


This theory/hypothesis/belief/myth is very improbable, but I still am waiting to see what happens that day. This thought is so radical that I find it interesting and would see the battle and the end of science vs. belief in one day. All these questions and panic ends on this date of December 12, 2012.



  1. clicknick said,

    Yes Terry, your theory/hypothesis/belief/myth is pretty childish of you.

  2. josh said,

    I also thought about it because earthquakes are everywhere! It also hit China recently. I, too, don’t believe in such myths but this makes me wonder, but I don’t want to die…

  3. angie said,

    the world ends just when we graduate

  4. sangwoos12 said,



    IT WOULD BE ” wonderful ” if we have an apocalypse

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