NBA Conference Finals

May 26, 2010 at 2:06 am (NBA)

In the National Basketball Association, it’s time for the playoffs. And I personally, am a Lakers fan. It’s been a while now since it’s started and are already at the Conference Finals. In the west, it’s the Phoenix Suns vs. the Los Angeles. The series score is 2-1 Lakers. In the east, it’s the Boston Celtics vs. the Orlando Magic. Boston is pretty much set for the Finals as they are up 3-0. Orlando disappointed many as they failed to show up in the crucial game three or in any of the games. My Lakers are a strong favorite to play the Celtics in the finals, but Suns have shown that they won’t give up winning game 3. I don’t believe we played our best and best defense. We play the Suns again in game 4 real soon and hope to see better defense and go up 3-1 in the series and end it in five. The Celtics and Magic series turned out to be a huge bust as the Celtics just destroyed the Magic’s will to play. They were lucky to get a win and I would wish for the Magic to at least extend the series to 6. But either way, the Lakers will win the finals… GO LAKERS!


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