May 29, 2010 at 7:56 am (Me and the world)

I’ve seen this for the first time not long ago, but apparently this has been started since January 2006. This man in the picture has apparently been in people’s dreams. However, the number of people who’ve seen that man in dreams isn’t just a few, but actually many. People all over the world have seen and chosen this man to be the man in their dreams all over the world. Quite scary.

In most of the people’s dreams he tended to be a good and loving person. However, I don’t really believe in all this hype. I’ve never seen this man in any of my dreams and will probably never will. The only reason I believe that so many people believe that they’ve seen that man in their dreams is because most of the times you think you see things, but actually don’t. Dreams tend to be blurs of certain people you know or rarely people you don’t. And some will probably fall under the dream imagination theory where the people are already exposed to this picture and so they think of him and cause the appearance of him in their dreams. This is what I think, but what do you? Check out the site it gives legitimate theories for you to think about.


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