Korean Culture: Alcohol, the social pastime

May 31, 2010 at 12:25 pm (Me and the world)

Well, the other day I was out for a family dinner with some other relatives including my cousins. And well, my cousins and I sat at a separate table from my parents so they were just talking freely without any burden of trying to show manner since they were all close. The first thing they talked about: Alcohol. They questioned each other if they have been drinking a lot these days and most of them answered by saying that they drank yesterday. But the really interesting thing was that one was saying that he drank too much and shouldn’t drink today, but he ended up drinking again because it’s part of Korea’s culture.

I find it quite interesting how drinking the Korean 술(sool, a famous alcohol beverage in Korea) can bring people together and make people not so close seem as close as butter and bread. Koreans often times go on dinners with the company when they go out and almost all the time, they go and drink. To make friends in the Korean it seems as though you must be able to drink to some extent. The only problem I see in this is that the drinking culture has been past down to the kids. Kids often act older and somehow get the alcohol and go drinking under age. But when kids drink it’s more of something that is cool to fit in. However, as adults it’s also considered rude to say no when someone older than you hands you a drink and you decline. The Korean culture is very much different from the American as you can see here.


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May 29, 2010 at 7:56 am (Me and the world)


I’ve seen this for the first time not long ago, but apparently this has been started since January 2006. This man in the picture has apparently been in people’s dreams. However, the number of people who’ve seen that man in dreams isn’t just a few, but actually many. People all over the world have seen and chosen this man to be the man in their dreams all over the world. Quite scary.

In most of the people’s dreams he tended to be a good and loving person. However, I don’t really believe in all this hype. I’ve never seen this man in any of my dreams and will probably never will. The only reason I believe that so many people believe that they’ve seen that man in their dreams is because most of the times you think you see things, but actually don’t. Dreams tend to be blurs of certain people you know or rarely people you don’t. And some will probably fall under the dream imagination theory where the people are already exposed to this picture and so they think of him and cause the appearance of him in their dreams. This is what I think, but what do you? Check out the site it gives legitimate theories for you to think about.

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2012 is coming

April 8, 2010 at 1:51 pm (Global Issues, Me and the world)


The Mayan calendar ends December 21st of 2012. What is believed to come with the end of the calendar? The end of the world. Especially with all the current natural disasters, it seems as though the fact that the end of the world is closing in on us is emphasized. These earthquakes may just all be our fault, but I think its quite scary. How all the apocalypse movies came out at once and soon after that Haiti gets hit with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. When I heard about Haiti, I only thought that it was just a coincidence and these things happen once in a while you know, but soon after, South America gets hit and many more places with earthquakes with magnitudes of seven or higher. The most recent one was probably the one that hit near the California-Mexican border. Amazingly, this got me thinking. Normally I technically don’t believe in such radical theories and myths, but I actually look forward to this one. Not the idea that I will die, but if it really happens or not. Pretty childish of me, I must say. But I wish that I knew if it were true so I could just play for the last two and half years of my life living to my fullest and happiest.


This theory/hypothesis/belief/myth is very improbable, but I still am waiting to see what happens that day. This thought is so radical that I find it interesting and would see the battle and the end of science vs. belief in one day. All these questions and panic ends on this date of December 12, 2012.

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Global Warming…really?

March 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm (Global Issues, Me and the world)

The world’s coming to an end! The temperatures are getting warmer and warmer everyday! Due to carbon emissions that we are emitting. We need to stop our carbon emissions and stop ruining our ozone layer… Or we might die!

Well, I don’t think so.. I do agree that the temperatures are rising year by year, but question that the cause of the rising temperatures is due to the carbon emissions. I do believe that carbon emissions are bad for the environment and need to be stopped, but I don’t think global warming should be one of the reasons to change (technology). I have reason to believe this because the fact that there is no correlation in history of carbon emissions to the temperature. However there is a correlation between temperature and sun spots. I’m not really sure if the sun spots is the correct alternative to the cause of global warming, but sounds more reliable than carbon. Or it might just be the way that I think, but this idea and thought is continually growing and getting the attention of more and more people. The video is quite interesting and explains why this theory is potentially correct. The reason I may believe in this is because I just don’t like following other people’s ideas at times like this one.

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Do cheaters really fail?

March 13, 2010 at 2:03 pm (Me and the world)

Many say, “cheaters always lose.” But is this really true? Or is this just a psychological play on your mind to stop you from cheating? This is because I’ve always followed this “wise” phrase, but it’s been long since I’ve found this quote to be true. I know that the world isn’t fair in any way, but it’s heartbreaking to see people not punished for wrong doings. Don’t get me wrong, but I do cheat too. Not really academically, but in Life. The board game “Life.” I was playing this with family friends and when I was told to move nine steps I moved eight to receive some money.  Surprised about not getting caught, what else was there to do, but try again. Continuing to cheat and getting money eventually allowed me to win the round with ease. I wasn’t even suspected of cheating. After a second round, I did it again and guess what? I won, but this time they were catching on. I knew I should just stop for the next round, but for my own reference I did cheat and this time, I got caught. It wasn’t any big deal as I acted as though I miscounted the steps, but made me come to a conclusion: “Smart cheaters win.” I think and know that people shouldn’t cheat, but with such an unfair world that this makes a valid statement. But please, don’t cheat your only cheating yourself and putting yourself in a position where trust or even more may be at stake.


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With every Invention comes Laziness

March 6, 2010 at 4:41 am (Me and the world)

I was watching a commercial the other day on this machine that literally shakes the fat off of your body (video above).  Just saying, but I only saw the commercial while flipping through channels; I’m not very interested in buying these things. But anyways This got me thinking…How lazy are we? “Each invention we make tends to make our life ‘easier,” according to what many say. But the word easier, is a more positive connotation of the word lazier. These innovations make us lazier. Why walk when you can take the car. Why wash dishes when you have a dish-washing machine. Why write when you can type. These inventions are more efficient, but in fact is making us do less work.

There’s also this debate on if we, human, are or aren’t are going through the process of evolution. One hypothesis is the belief of future human-machine symbiosis. This is the belief/hypothesis that human aren’t going through evolution because we are going to become so dependent on machines so we don’t have to go through evolution. I do think that we are currently headed that direction, but think that a small change will occur in us. With every new invention we become lazier and more dependent on technology. Therefore making this symbiotic relationship between us and machines in the near distant future.

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Living to your fullest

March 5, 2010 at 1:39 am (Me and the world)

“To do anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine

I try. I really do, but it’s just so hard. I wish to live by this quote, but why not just slack off and let time go by. Oh its just another homework grade, I’ll just write anything. It’s only a completion grade. Oh, how easy it is to be lazy. To me changing personality is probably one of the hardest things that I will have to do. I do get these bursts of motivation, but it seems to deteriorate as time goes on and on. Most of you probably know what I mean as the goal setting and organization just lowers bit by bit. Thus making slacking off the easiest thing to do.

The quote above is what I wish to live by. He wasn’t your ordinary runner because he had one leg longer than the other. Not only this, but was also put down all his life as people told him to give up running long before. Yet, he worked his heart out (literally) to become one of the best during his time. He didn’t want to lose nor was he going to lose because he was always going to run his best against you. He is a very inspirational guy and gave me some of that motivation I need sometimes. It’s just that it’s so hard like I’ve said before.

He may relate this and every other quote to running, but I relate it to my life. I am a runner myself and do know how hard it is mentally and physically. But putting the same effort that I put into sports into my studies isn’t the simplest transition. I even find myself going through the motion during basketball or cross country practices. Yeah, I know it is a matter of how much I really want to be the best, but you and I know how easy and fun it is to slack off and start playing. I really hope to change one day soon.

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Addiction to Facebook Games

March 2, 2010 at 2:25 am (Me and the world)


It’s 2:15…So I need to get on at 6:15….It’s 6:00. Agh, I’ll just get back on and wait…It’s finally done! Harvest. I should plant some more strawberries. Since its 6:20, I can get back on at 10:20PM. Or should I plant potatoes and get back on at 1AM. I’ll just plant some potatoes I guess and just stay up since I get more money.

This is the life of an average addict of Facebook Games. More specifically, Farmville. Facebook is a social network that allows you to be social, but this game is very antisocial.It makes you log onto facebook not to socialize, but to harvest some crops.

I once was a Farmville addict myself and played this game for around one month. Now looking back at it, the month that I had played was a waste of time to me. Luckily this month was during summer break so it didn’t interfere with my studies, but had impacted me in my daily life. I spent time waiting for plants and crops to harvest even though I knew the exact time at which they were going to be done. I even calculated the way to get the most money in the game in the shortest amount of time. After thinking about how summer was coming to an end and how I needed to stop games, I reflected upon the meaning of the game. Was it really fun? The answer: NO. I thought “wow” I wasted a lot of time and thought I was pathetic and shouldn’t even show my face in public again. But of course I did go into public and never played the game again.

Not long ago, I had heard about a Dr. Phil episode that had recently been aired about a mother that was addicted to the same facebook game. I thought I had a problem, but I guess my problem wasn’t so bad. That was, when I compare myself to her. She was a mother with kids that she left to rot and eat microwaved food so she could play Farmville. She began and ended her day on the computer. Her daughter even said that the mother lied to her children by saying the internet was down, but once they left the premises, she would plug the internet back in and get on Farmville. This was really shocking to me and found this very interesting. How of all games, Facebook games can really addict you into playing.

Below is a video of the game “Farmville” and listen to this person talk about this game and how addicted she is to the game…unfortunately.

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